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Artist's Statement

My work is about balance.  I'm concerned with the relationship between color, form and light.  My inspiration comes from many directions; including  architecture, nature and the spiritual.  I find pleasure in the simplicity of sparse elements arranged with playfulness and  meticulously embellished. 

Making art gives me the opportunity to create a world that can be interpreted in many ways.  I am especially interested in highly saturated color.  For this reason, I mix my own pigments.  I often work with opposites (curves and straight lines, rough and smooth surfaces, dark and bright colors).  By combining color and form in a playful and balanced way, I hope to create a realm of amusing calm.

About the Artist (by James Eilers)

To live with one of Martha Hubert's works from the previous period in her work -- when she played with the lines and curves of geometric shnapes -- was to feel possessed by an Apollonian sense of balance and harmony. 

But life and art are in perpetual change, and with our earth clearly threatened by poor stewardship, and downright violence and violation, Martha has responded on two fronts:  She is her friends' political action heroine and leads by example; and, on another plane, the new stage in her art  "encodes" the viewer with a sense that if we are to be sane, and truly human, we must affirm that each of us an "integral part of the organic Whole." 

She transforms the wonders of nature into a new iconography, affirming that we must not be overwhelmed by toxic forces.  Her unique transformation of nature's organic forms is a tonic and a celebration.


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